This spot is all about the music. Well mostly. Disco funk soul are the foundation for what we love. So get up get funky get loose, get up and get down, get back jack, throw your hands in the air and twist and shout then shimmy and shake!

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Stephanie Mills & Tom Jones   The Closer I Get To You      



Pauline Henry - If I Can’t Have You (Eric Kupper Classic Mix)

Get Get Down


US Harper’s Bazaar September 1980 ~ Solid Gold: America’s Hottest Singers - with Linda Peaches Green, Dionne Warwick, Sister Sledge & Donna Summer - full editional.. credits to justaguy & all infos here


Wish & Fonda Rae - Touch me (all night long) 12” version 1984

Never knew the Cathy Dennis song was a cover/remake