This spot is all about the music. Well mostly. Disco funk soul are the foundation for what we love. So get up get funky get loose, get up and get down, get back jack, throw your hands in the air and twist and shout then shimmy and shake!

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Stereo MC’s - Step It Up (1992)


Stereo MC’s - Connected (Connected, 1992)

I pity the crew assigned to wardrobe on this.

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Islands In The Stream b/w I Will Always Love You
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, RCA Records/USA (1983)

Mary J Blige  Moment Of Love  2014

Sorry for the drastic lack of action here lately, virus on the laptop and just feelin’ low combo distracting me. 

I gotta say the new Mary album is perking me up though, I love this song, the line  ”Gonna get my Diana Ross on” just too perfect!

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Somebody To Love | Jefferson Airplane | Surrealistic Pillow

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Prince - Pop Life

Did you put your million dollar check in someone else’s box?

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This #Montréal vague de chaleur is murder, get to a pool and download this mix to beat the heat.

DiscoElitist - Coup De Chaleur (Download)

01. Dire Straits - Follow Me Home 02. Saâda Bonaire - More Woman 03.  Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - San Diego (Tour Werks After Hours Mix) 04. Claudja Barry - Love For The Sake of Love 05. Caroline Loeb - C’Est La Ouate (Version Longue) 06. Letta Mbulu - Nomalizo 07. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan 08 Isaac Hayes - Moonlight Lovin’ (Mènage Á Trois) 09. Drake - Hold On We’re Going Home 10. Sven Van Hees - Black Beans & Castro Queens 11. Miguel - Adorn 12. Carly Simon - Why? (Extended Version) 13. Mike Francis - Features of Love 14. Cosmic Kids -  Whisper Softly 15. Antena ‎– Camino Del Sol 16. Seaside Lovers - Coconuts Island

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Ballroom/House n honour of the 45th Anniversary of the #StonewallRiots . Happy #WorldPride everyone!

DiscoElitist - Riot on the Dancefloor (Download Here)

01. Jason Kendig - Transmit 02. Nick Monaco - Veni Vidi Vogue 03. Dan Beaumont - This Feeling 04. Hannah Holland - Paris’ Acid Ball 05. Andras Caron - Pussywork 06. Vane Venice - Getcha Gotta Get It (The Cucarachas Remix) 07. Miss Lady Bunny - Shame, Shame, Shame (DJ Dmitry’s Silver Groove) 08. That Kid Chris - Girlfriend 09. Shampale Cartier - I Got A Man (Da Mooch’s Handbag Swings) 10. Michel Cleis - Litoral 11. Makossa & Megablast - Late Que Eu To Passando feat. As Gaiola Poopozudas 12. The Shady bunch - Diva Snap (DJ Sneak Snapped Mix) 13. In Flagranti - Dope As Shit 14. Nita Aviance - Morgan Freeman 15. Hervé & Zebra Katz - Tear The House Up 16. Eli Escobar - Body 17. X-press 2 - Opulence (Sonny Wharton Remix) 18. Jose 2 Hype - They Can Tell You (Atomic Mix) 19. Jamil Labeija & Johnny Dynell - Bitch U Betta Don’t 20. Hard Ton - Work That Body 21. Troncco Traxx - Walk 4 Me (The Payless Pump Mix) 22. Farley & Nebulon - Serve!, Vol. 4 (Austin Downey’s Ballroom Remix) 23. Stereogamous & Shaun J Wright - Sweat (The Carry Nation Remix) 24. Saxmachine - Love Is The Message (Warehouse Dub) 25. Poisonous Relationship Men’s - Feelings (Moorlag Remix) 26. Manolo - Night Rhythm 27. Alexis Blair Penney - Lonely Sea (Honey Soundsystem Remix) 28. DJ Sprinkles - Ball’r

The mix is here despite any drama with odera and chungsun. Love and respect to both of them.

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Tonight, I Celebrate My Love - Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack